museum inspired necklace

I got the inspiration for this necklace from a Sheila Hicks piece at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The art museum here is free!!! and really lovely.

I wrapped beading twine around the legs of a chair about 15 or 16 times and tied the two ends together in a little not. Then I started wrapping embroidery thread in sections. The thread is wrapped tightly so I ended up needing pliers to pull the needle through. I used different colors on different halves of the necklace, so that if you wrapped it around your neck it might look like two different necklaces.  In the end I thought it needed something so I added gold jump rings.

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17 thoughts on “museum inspired necklace

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  2. I love this! I’ve been cleaning the garage and going through years of
    stashed fabrics in an attempt to organize things so I can actually use some of the things I love. I’ve found I have an enormous stash of embroidery thread and scads of crochet thread. I will be making some of these with all my new found thread. Thanks for the inspiration!


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  4. Spotted this on Craftzine. This is brilliant! It is a wonderful way of making a claspless necklace plus use up yarn, embroidery floss etc! Okay to feature and link in a future blog post so others can come visit? Pearl


  5. Oh bless you, you sweetie pie, you!! I have hunted all over the interwebs for this – making a necklace or bracelet that looks like this. I kept thinking that since I already crochet, I could figure it out on my own. Needless to say, my pride was bigger than my talent. Could NOT get it no matter what I tried. Now…I look at these pictures and slap my forehead! I get it now! It was too easy. I kept trying to make it harder than it should have been. Bless you for showing people (idiots?) like me how to make these. My grand-daughter will love me (and you) forever! So will all her friends!


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  8. This is perfect for the summer! I love the colors. It looks very ethnic and chic. How much?!! I would love to buy one from you. I’m not very skilled with crafts! :-)


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