birthday gift

birthday gift

I made this as a birthday gift for one of Saya’s friends. I was planning to post more details about how I made it, but the photos didn’t turn out. 

Basically I just cut out five panels. One of the panels l I cut in half, then sewed it back together a few inches. (That’s the front panel.)

I sewed four of the seams together. At that point I hemmed the top and bottom. 

birthday gift 2

Finally, I sewed the fifth seam to close it up. Easy peasy. 

I wanted to do more decorations, but I ran out of time. The little deer is something I made a while back.

handmade gift idea – tiny mouse house




I made this little mouse house for Saya. The small case is from Target–it was plain and I decorated it. (I didn’t make the mouse. I splurged on a Maileg mouse. I love their toys so much.) I made a little quilt, pillow and blanket. Finally I bought another small paper box for $1 and painted the top to look like a table. Inside the box can store little foods and accessories for the mouse.

craft supplies

I am just a little bit obsessed with craft supplies. I found these at Target the other day…

markersNeon sharpie markers and Kraft stickers. The stickers were in the $1 bins.

surpriseI had to play with the markers right away, so I made this note for Saya. Today is her last day of kindergarten. Tomorrow there is a family picnic at school, and then we’re done! I am going to take her to Dave and Busters after school today for her surprise. She will be thrilled. She loves surprises.

weekend with saya

Over the weekend, Junji had to go to Indiana for the closing reception of a show he was in. Saya and I originally planned to join him, but backed out at the last minute. I felt it would have been too much time in the car for Saya. We had an amazing time at home instead. We also went to a huge used book sale and found some good stuff…


This series of books was the best thing I found. There are six total, and I love the covers. (They are big too.) They are filled with art lessons and activities. The pages are all perforated and can be torn out, cut up, drawn on, etc. I don’t know if I will be able to bring myself to tear out any pages, but I can take a lot of ideas from them.


Tiny Farm Press-out book–will be fun for a rainy day.


Another activity book. This one I can easily photocopy the pages because it is smaller. And a magic clock to go with it! Saya found this clock and is so into it.


I also got a bunch of novels for myself and some more chapter books for Saya too.

After the sale we had lunch in Cleveland, and we ate the leftovers from lunch for dinner. It was so relaxing. I am looking forward to many more of these days with Saya over the summer. (Can you tell yet how excited I am for summer vacation?)

blank books

blankbooks2I am so excited to have Saya home with me this summer, and I have been preparing for summer in a few ways—like pinning more ideas for children’s crafts and activities and picking up postcards and brochures of fun things for Saya and I to do together. I was thinking of ordering some blank books for her to write in. (This is an activity they do in school and Saya does such a great job with it.) But then I just decided to make some instead. The covers are heavy cardstock and the paper inside is blank. I painted a border on a few of the covers, just to make the project more fun for me.

blankbooks1I made about 12, but I’ll make more. I think she will fill them up quickly.


blankbooks3She started writing right away! The title of this one is “I do.”


blankbooks4This is a work of fiction as she has never mowed the lawn before and she rarely washes dishes ;)


blankbooks5I made one extra special one for a friend. This one has an embroidered cover and lined paper inside. (a little travel journal)