crafting tries





When summer days are long, and we don’t have other plans, Saya and I both like to try different projects. Sometimes they work out as planned and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes I get discouraged, especially when I put a lot of time into something and then it isn’t looking as good as I imagined it in my head. Then I have to take a break do something else. But if we come up with a good idea, I’ll share it here.

holiday camping

We were looking for a place to camp for the holiday weekend, but I was worried about campsites being crowded and noisy. Luckily we have friends with a farm who offered to let us camp there. It was relaxing and so much fun. We swam, fished, canoed, picked berries, had a big bonfire, cooked, hung out. Our dogs had an amazing time too. Especially our senior pit bull Amy who loves to swim and spent so much time in the water.



camping5.jpgSaya is a stronger swimmer this year, but Amy is always keeping an eye on her. Good dog.

camping2.jpgLucy is scared of water and never swims.








camping9.jpgThis cute little snake stayed and posed for pictures for at least five minutes.




outdoor bath




We realized my dream of having an outdoor bath last summer. This year we relocated the bath closer to our house, so we are using it a lot more. Pair it with a fire, and everyone is happy and relaxed. Sometimes I wish we could travel more during the summer, but it’s nice being home.

embroidered linen bracelets



I have haven’t had a ton of time to make stuff so far this summer. I hate to multi-task and most days I choose to do something fun with my little one. But I have been stitching here and there. I made some embroidered linen bracelets. This is an updated version of bracelets I have made in the past. They are so much fun and always one of a kind. I listed them in my etsy shop if you’d like to have a look.


pretty glitter

ImageImageImageWe had some friends over for brunch the other day. Eventually our conversation turned to the topic of glitter, so we got some out to play with. I think glitter is so pretty. We all had fun decorating shells, rocks, and other things. We did it all outside and used a lot of glitter! My friend Miwa helped to style these photos :)